My Day by Day in Belgium

9th January 2013

It was 3:00 am and I woke up to go to the airport to say good bye Spain and hello Belgium. At 7:00 we have prepared ours tickets becuase at that hour the plan took off Las Palmas.

At 11:00 am we arrived to Madrid where it was only one degree. We went out of the airport to know how much cold it was outside. We wait in Madrid for five hours to take the plane to Belgium. During the time we were at the airport  I use it to sleep because I had only slept two hours; and then we had lunch.

At 5:30 pm we took the Belgium Plane and I thought that we were going to see the city of Paris but it was impossible because of the grey clouds. However, we could see how the sun leave and the moon gone.

Two hours later, we arrived Belgium. Our families were waiting for us very excited with a very big "pancarta" which said: WELCOME ALBA² AND IRENE. The message was really fine because it makes me to remember my class. 

What we didn´t expect was that they had prepared a little Welcome Party for us so, we went to the Alba´s House to have dinner. 

At 21:00 pm I arrived home and my "parents" and "brother" showed me the house and it is really big. Ann, "my mother" helped me to take off my clothes from my suitcase and I gave them some typical presents from The Canary Islands.

​10th January 2013

My second day in Belgium I went to Aalst with Geert, "my father", and there I went to go shopping and to go sightseeing. We saw a lot of churches and we went to

My new House

When I arrived at home I was really surprised because it is very very big. It has got two floors and a garden.

In front of my house there is a very beautiful church and a sqare where the cars are parked.


went to a bakery where we ate two delicious sweets and chocolate.

Then, we went to kip up Amond, "my brother", and I could see him High School.

That day I realize that everybody in Belgium have a bycicle.

11th January 2013

This was our firts day at the new school. They gave us a very nice welcome and then some students showed us the school.

We realized that the system in Belgium is really different to the system in Spain. Here they have to be more hours at school (7 or 8) and they have got three breaks.


I liked this day because after school I went to Aalst to buy some new clothes and warmer gloves. It was so fanny because Amond was like a "perchero".

12th January 2013

This day was an emotive day because our teacher, Melany, had to returned to Spain.

We went to a restaurant for her leave; and we were lucky because that day was the first snow.

13th January 2013

Today I have participated in a competition in Aalst. The competition consisted of running 3, 6 or 12 kilometres, you could chose; I have chosen 3 kilometres. It was really funny.

After the competition, we went to Ann´s and Geert´s father´s house to meet "my new grandparents". They were really nice and the offered me a piece of cake which has reminded me the cakes that my mum and I do at home.

Today, I have realized that a can trust my new family and I can tell them whatever I want.

15th January 2013

I went to Brussels with Geert to a Reception because Geert was in the army and there was a meeting. It was really interesting because there were a lot of important people  and I could listen some stories about their experiences.

16th January 2013

Today was my firts day of trining with the Amond´s Club. Amond practeses atletics and I love running so a partner of mine, in the school, who is in that club also, asked me if I would like to enter in the club and I said: "Yes, of course".

19th January 2013

My second weekend in Belgium started with a visite to see how the poeplo here prepared everything for the Canrival. They prepare somethings with polystyrene, then they put newspaper with glue and finally they paint everything.

After that, we went to eat to Geert´s brother´s house. There, I met the other side of the family. It was really nice because we played the wii and we laughed a lot.

20th January 2013

This day has been a lazy day. I woke up and I did some homework during the morning. At evening we went to a very big field to play with the snow and we brought with us sled. It was really funny.

23th January 2013

After school, at 12:00, we took the train to Brussels to go sightseeing. We visited the Terracota Museum. There you can see and know the story about that city.

After the visit the museum we walk a little bit arround the city and it was very exited becuase wherever you see you could see chocolate and sweats, delicious sweets. We could try a dessert: strawberries with white chocolate. Oh my god! It was an amazing the flavor!

Something strage that wi could see in Brussels was the statue of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza.

Then, after two hours more or less, we took again the train to come back.

25th January 2013

One week ago, a partner of my geografy class told me if I would like to go with her and her friends to drink something after school so, today, at 3:30 pm, I went with her to a little bar where I drank a delicious chocolate. We talked a lot and I met new poeple.

After that, my "father", Geert, keeped me up becuase at 6 o´clock I had to be in Aalst to the training.

26th January 2013

Today I woke up early, at 9 o´clock, becuase we had to be at the train station at 11 o´clock to go to Brussels.

We saw the rich and the poor part of the city. It was really nice. But it was one moment that wasn´t good: we were walking in the street full of ice and snow and suddenly, I don´t know what I have done, but I fall in the floor and I felt my back like broken, it was really bad. But the rest of the day was fantastic. We went shopping for two hours the three of us alone. We were in a street similar to Triana Street, we felt like at home. It was very nice.

Something curious that we can see was that to go  to the bathroom in Belgium, you have to pay 50 cent, it was like: Oh My God !!

Then, at 6:30 pm, we returned to the train station and we took the train to Denderleew.

28th January 2013

​It was 8:25 and we were at the station of Denderleer to take the train to Brussels the three of us with Jeff (the cordinator in Belgium).

The reason of this little trip was the Comenius Proyect. There was a training with other pupils who are participating in this proyect also. They were from Lithuania: two girls and one boy.


We stayed with then in a youth hostel and it was very funny because we had to do the dishes.

We arrived this cute hostel and the people who were there they had prepared a lot of games and activities.

​One of the activity was: four of us had to be with blindfold and the other four had to guide the people. All of us had two glasses of water and we had to go from the cafeteria to a room which was in the other side of the hostel.

After have lunch and go to our rooms, we went to do a walk in the city with a tourist guide.

It was amazing !

We were walking and the guide was explaning to us the story of the buildings, the streets and the restaurants that we have seen.

The best of that evening was that while we were walking we entered in a brasilian restaurant where we had the "aperitive", then we continued and we stop again in an other restaurant to have dinner and, finally, we had the dessert in a very famous and old place in Brussels.

29th January 2013

Other day in the amazing hostel with our new lithuanian friends. We had to wake up early, at 7:30

to have breakfast at 8:00 o´clock and continue with the activities.


What we did this day was to think about what we are doing here, in Belgium, in a host family and in a new high school. In fact, we wrote a letter for ourself which is going to be send to us at the end of this experience.

At 4:30 we took again the train to return to Denderleew. I arrived home and I told "my family" what we had done.

2nd February 2013

​Today has been a nice day. We went to Aalst to buy our costume for Carnival but first, we ate in McDonalds.

A little bit later, in front of the shop there were the atractions which are put for Carnival so, we went there and we had a very nice time.

Something extraordinary had happended today: it was hailing.

When I arrived home I met Amond´s friends. They were preparing their "car" for Carnival. It is a car of the supermarket and they have covered it with wood and some screws.

The design is from Amond and his friends and father have helped him with the decoration.

Inside it they are going to put some drinks and above it they are going to stand up and dance like girls.

3rd February 2013

Today, after have lunch at 12:30 we went to Oudnaarde, a city which is a little bit far away of where I live. There we visited a museum about that city and some churches. We spent the whole day there.

5th February 2013

This has been a special day at school because they have prepared a breakfast for everybody. The sencond hour we had to go to the "cantine" and on the tables there were glasses and plates; and in other two big tables there were a lot of bread, cornflakes, fruit, biscuits, milk, juice, chocolate ... It was amazing.

9th February 2013

Today has been a very funny day for me. We went to the house of one of our new friends because she gave a party for her birthday. In the party were also the other girls from the school because all of them are from the same group.


First of all, we spoke a little bit and we played a game which everybody know: "verdad o mandato" then, we ate and drank something and we played the wii, and finally we spoke to each other about boys, of course.

This day has been a very sepcial day for me because now the we, the girls and me, we know a little bit more each other and we can speak about whatever we want and now, I know that I can speak with them if I have a problem.

10th February 2013

And finally the CARNIVAL start here, in Belgium.

Today, the first day of Carnival, we went to Aalst to see the parade at 2:30 and in the evening we went home to put our costumes on. In my opinion we were very beautiful like Snowhite. But under our costume we had to put a lot of clothe on. I have put: five pair of socks, two termical leggins and one normal, two termical T-shirts and one normal and a coat.


Then, we went to the place where there is music very loud and where everybody go to dance and drink with friends. We were all the time with Mathias, Alba´s "brother". He was so cute with us because we was all the time asking us: are you ok? If you need something just say it ... He was taking care of the three of us and having fun. He also was dress up but like a woman, it was very crazy. Here, all the boys dress up like woman because is like a tradition.

After two hours dancing, we ate something and at 12 o´clock we went home.

11th February 2013

 At afternoon I had to be in Alba´s house to go to a very famous city here in Belgium: Antwerpe. That place is famous because of its diamonds.

Alba´s "parents" showed us how they make diamonds and how they put them in rings. Then we went sightseeing in the city: we ate in McDonalds, we saw the train station, a "shopping centre" full of figures of gold ...

In Antwerpe there is a shop street where we were shopping for 2 hours. While Alba and Irene were looking some clothes for them, I stayed with Andrea (Alba´s "mother") and Mathias. Thanks to them, now I have two new jeans. They chose the trousers and the came with me to try them on. They look very good on me.

After go shopping we went to eat a Kebab and then we returned home.

For me, this has been one of my favourite days since I am in Belgium. Today I have been in a very nice and beautfil city which transmits me confidence, happiness ... Today I have felt that there are people who love me more than what I thought. I think I am not going to be able to forget this day thanks to ANDREA & MATHIAS.

12th February 2013

Last day of Carnival. This day there is also a little parade where you can see all the boys dress up like women. It is something crazy but funny to see. After the parade, we went to a little pub where we could drink something and dance a little bit. Later on, at 7 o ´clock we went to a big square where a monument of paper and cartoons is burned and everybody say goodbye to the Carnival of Aalst.

13th February 2013

Finally, after almost two months here we went with our new friends to icekating. It is so different than in Las Palmas because here you pay 5 euros and you can stay in the icerink till the close it, so if you want to can be skating for 3 hours.


It was so nice to go with the girls, we had a very nice time with them, thank you.

14th February 2013

Today has been a day full of adrenalin.

Early in the morning Ann, Amond and me went to Alba´s House to pick Irene and her up. After two hours driving we arrived to a very beautiful place nearby the border of Germany: "De Ardenen". There, for the first time in our lives, we skied. First of all, we took our skis and Amond has given to us some lessons just to know the basic things to go down.

At the beginnen everything was very nice and funny because we were all the time falling in the snow.

After one hour skiing we stay a little bit in a cafeteria where we drank something warm. Later on, we continued skiing but after 5 minutes to be skiing was over for me. Unfortunatly, I fell on my arm and I couldn´t move it anymore.

An hour later we took the car and we came back home and I took something for the pain and I thought: Oh My God !! What is going to happen tomorrow with my arm?

15th February 2013

For me the plan today was going to the doctor. First they made a radiograghy of my elbow and the doctor could see that there are 3 mm missing of my bone. I was thinking that they were going to put a plaste on in but thanks that the doctor didn´t put anything.

16th February 2013

Early in the morning Geert, Ann and I went to Ghent, the city of the students. We went to its University because today there was a speach for the parents and the students for the next year. There, I hhad the opportunity to ask if the have the career that I want to do.

In the evening we went to the Mathias´ Club, "The Chiro", to eat spaghetti. They were making spaghetti for two days to collect money. It was really nice.

17th February 2013

Today we have spent our day with Jeff, his wife and his doughter. At 2 o ´clock he picked us up and we went to see the Carnival of Ninova, an other village near Denderleew.

The Carnival in Ninova is similar to the carnival of Aalst but it is smaller.

We saw the parade and later on, we went to Jeff´s house and we ate there. Then, he dropped us off.

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20th February 2013

Very fast after school today because Andrea and Patrick were waiting for us to go to the train station to go to Ghent.


At 1 o´clock we were there and first of all we ate something. We went to the Pizza Hut. It is a buffet of pizza where you can eat as much as you can.

Then we walked a little bit around the city and we visited a big castle.

We also saw the city hall and the shopping street. Later on we took again train to come back home.

22th February 2013

Today has been an amazing and beautiful day.

After school I went with three of my new friends, Belinda, Eline and Olrike, Aalst to buy something nice for the party this night. We bought a red skirt, a black T-Shirt and high heels. We had a nice time the three of us together deciding what we could wear at the party.

After 2 hours shopping, each other went to their homes and at 22 o´clock we met in the entrance of the place where was the party.It was a very nice place with a lot of people, everybody from the school. You could drink whatever you want and dance and dance.

At 2 o´clock we went home and Irene and I slept it Alba´s place because the day after we will go to Bruges.

23th February 2013

At 8 o´clock in the morning, Andrea was going upstairs to wake us up to take the train to go to Brugges.


There, in Brugges, we could visit a lot of important buildings and monuments. We saw something very corious: a long time ago, the women who were not married or whe were widows they decided to go to a relax place where they couldn´t speak with anybody. Thay only could stay inside their place.

Then we visited an old hospital and also an exhibition of many spanish painters like Miró, Picasso, René Magritte ...

Later on, after eat a dilicious pizza in Pizza Hut, we went to the Chocolate Museum, where the story of the chocolate is explained.

And of course, at the end of the evening, we went to the shopping street.

Then, 2 hours later, Hans and Mathias picked us up and we went to an exhibition of painting from Hans´ friends. After it, we went home.

1st, 2nd and 3th March 2013

After one week full of work from Spain, my "mum", Ann, has bring us to De Panne. This is the place where everybody go in summer to the beach, but that´s why they don´t know what is a real beach: blue water, 30 º C, a clean sand ...

We stayed there for the weekend in an appartament which is from Ann´s sister.

On Saturday morning we went to the beach to touch the see after 2 months whithout see it. We run, we jumed, we screamed ... Then, we went to a market which looked like a "rastrillo" where we bought some food.


Later on, we went to a little vollage situated in France. De Panne is situated nearby the border of France so, in only 20 minutes we were in France. 

At night we were playing the karaoke that the sister of Ann has, we were eating chips and buiscuits, drinking something delicious.

When the karaoke was finished we put on a movie: "Grease". And it was nice to see that movie because we had to see it in english and we understand almost everything.

Then, on Sunday we went to Ieper. I city not to far away from De Panne. There we saw a museum of the World War I. It was so interesting but, suddenly,  while I was reading the texts and taking some pictures a woman, very mad, said to me something in Dutch and I thought she was telling me that taking pictures is not alloud. But she was saying: "Girls, the museum is already close".

Later on, after to be kicked out of the museum we went to see a place full of names of the people who have died in the World War I.

So because of that, everyday, four members of the army play a song with their trompets in that place in honor of those people.

After this amazing weekend with my mum and Alba´s parents, we went home but, for Ann and me it was not so easy. We had put in the GPS the direction of home but we don´t know how we took another way and we went in the direction to France. It was so funny but, after one hour more or less, we arrived home.

Thank you Ann for this wonderful weekend.

8th March 2013

Today after school a group of friends (Saika, Amber, Hans, Kristen and me) went to the house of other girl of the group, Priscila.

We were there eating chips and drinking fizzy drinks while we were watching a teenage movie. After the movie we played the Singstar in the Play Station and we were singing like crazy songs of Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers.

Later on we went to "Frituur" to eat french fries and more fast food. Then we returned to Pricscila´s and we were talking and talking till 23h.

9th March 2013

Today afternoon Jef and his wife  pickd us up to go to Brussels to see the Atomiun. It is a very famous monument which was built in the last century, in the year 1958. They built it because a very important exposition happened.

Afterwards, we went to drink something and Alba and I shared a pancake with chocolate and ice cream. Then, we came inside a candy shop where we could buy a lot of candies which were very bad. Candies like in Las Palmas, anywhere.

Later on, Jeff dropped us off and I started to do homework.

10th March 2013

Early in the morning I went with Amond, Ann and a friend of Amond to Oostende. Today was the Belgium Championship of running. Amond and his friend were going to participated. We were the whole morning there seeing them.


When we went home we had to go to Ann´s parents to take some pictures.

13th March 2013.

Today after school, Patrick picked us up to go to Neeuwpoort. It is a nice place in the cost part of Belgium. First of all we went to visite his mother and with her, all together we went to visit a tower which is museum of the Worl War I. After that we went to te restaurant of a very nive hotel to eat the best pancakes we ever have eaten.

15th March 2013

After the party, Irene and I went to Alba´s Home to sleep all together because Andrea will bring us to Leuven, the city of the students.

Today has been a very special day at school. We have "celebrate" the Spanish Day. Very early in the morning, at 7:30, I took the bus to go to school and start preparing everything. We were the whole morning making "tortillas de papas" with the help of the "Parlament of the school" and the mum of one of the studenst who is Spanish. It was a success.


At night, we went to the party of the Chiro. The Chiro is a group like the Scouts who organiced paries. It was a really nice time with the girls of the school who are my friends now and for all my life.

16th March 2013

Good morning everybody! Ten o´clock in the morning at the train station in Denderleeuw to take the train direction Leuven. Here we go!

After almost one hour in the train we arrived the Student´s City. While we were walking all around the town we saw student by bike everywhere.

We visited the City Hall, the shopping street, the church where the Father Damien ...

We also had the opportunity to see something of the Univerity of Leuven. It is not like a big campus, the different faculties are distribute all over the city. To recongnize if a biulding is part of the university you have to look for the placard with the logo of the university.

Later on we took the train to come back home. It was a very nice day.

22th March 2013

A lucky day !! Thanks to Andrea we could finish the school at 12 o´clock at noon to go to Brussels with her to go shopping because actually, we donn´t have another day to go shopping. We spent the whole day there and it was really nice. I think we entered in everyshop we saw. 

Each of us bought something, well ... "bought". Actually, Andre shelled out almost everything. Alba saw a really nice bag and Andra payed it; I tryed a nice bib and Andre payed for it; Irene saw a pretty dress and Andrea payed it... She said that is a present from her for our birthday.

23th March 2013

SURPRISE !! Today has been a special day for our dear friend Irene. We did a surprise party for her. The beginnen was in the McDonalds.Then, she had to look for some letters we had hidden in some shops all around the big shopping street. After that we went to the bowling and it was really funny because there were waiting our new friends from school. There Irene recieved her presents and she was really happy. That day I could see that the three of us have make a very nice and good relationship, thank you.

29th March 2013

Today has been a really sad day: Our last day at school. Everybody was saying: " Oh no is your last day at school and you are leaving... " And that made me nervous. We daid goodbye to the teachers and our partners. After school, we went to a Café wirh some friends and we spent the last minutes with them.

Later on, I went with y family to eat to sister´s Geert to say goodbye to them as well.

30th March 2013

31st March 2013

Today morning we went to Anwerpen to a shopping center to go shopping and buy present for our family and friends in Las Palmas.

Later on in the evening we went to have dinner with the three families and Jeff Pereimans, his wife and doughter. There we have had a really nice time and it was full of surprises. First of all, Andrea said a few words to Jeff and then Hans to us, de Spaanse Meisjes. That was lovely. Then, they gave to  Pereimans a lovely plant like a present saying thank you. And then, the rest of the evening was for us.

My "mum" gave us a small Fondue with the special chocolate you need to melt on; Inge gave to Alba a really beautiful top with she saw but she couldn´t buy, All Stars to Irene and a Minnie Mouse sweter for me. After all those presents, suddenly a waitress came to our table with a cake with the name Irene draw in. It was a really special day.

Later on, after the dinner we went to a Café to drink something and to have a funny conversation.

Today is Spring. Every year in Spring the families make a special breakfast with cook eggs and chocolates eggs and rabbits as well. Then, in the afternoon they go to visit their families to wich Happy Spring. So, we went to visit the Ann´s parents who we had lunch with and then to Geert´s parents.

In the evening I went to the house of one of my friends to do a sleepover with other girls as well. We took pictures, we listened to music, we ate pizza, we watched a movie and we did crazy things.

1st April 2013

When we woke up we had a delicious breakfast. After that the father of my friend took us to the forest and we took a lot of funny pictures.

At noon my mum, Ann, picked me up with Geert and Amond and we went to Alba´s place to finish the video and to eat there for have a nice time for the last time all together.